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WordPress 4.7- Features, Reviews and everything you need to know

Wordpress 4.7-release

It has been more than 48 hours. The latest version of WordPress i.e. WordPress 4.7 has been launched. It has incorporated both improvements and bug fixes.

In totality, 500 new components have been added by WordPress.The abovementioned version is ready to be used with new, more innovative and unique features – both effectively and efficiently.

It is surprising to mention that 60 million websites designed and built by using WordPress are eager to use WordPress 4.7.

Beginning with the theme, it can be personalized with navigation, widgets, social menus, custom colors, logo and much more than that you would have ever expected.

WordPress 4.7 is mainly focused on Business websites rather than blogs. Moreover, it has been launched with the starter content to aid fresh, innocent and new users – ignorant of technicalities. It begins and commences the website within minutes – leave aside hours. Moreover, it’s typography looks amazing on all the screens. It can be used as blog theme also.

Starter Content in Details

In the past, Many premium WordPress themes facilitated their customers to borrow starter content when they purchased a theme with the objective of instantly setting up a website with dummy content. Later on, this was edited as per user requirements.

Customized Cascading Style Sheets have come in the prominent role. With the new version providing more flexibility, you would get a live view of what the consequent changes would look like before finally implementing it. The previous version was less efficient as it involved refreshing the page over and over again.

Moreover, this version would include appealing aesthetic features. It is more interactive and has more multimedia features – I t includes more graphic and dynamic elements inclusive of animated transitions, video headers and much more that what was unexpected. For Instance, the workflow tools inbuilt in Twenty Seventeen has enabled developers to edit the sites and its contents more easily, frequently and seamlessly.

Wordpress 4.7- twenty seventeen

Source file:- https://wordpress.org

Now, themes can automatically or in a robotic way infuse starter content in fresh/emerging websites. The basic prerequisite is that the user would need to visit theme customizer. As a result, starter content would be displayed. However, it is important to keep in mind that the starter content will not be saved unless and until the user saves it by clicking save button.

PDF Previews included in WordPress 4.7

Wordpress 4.7- Pdf thumbnail previewsThe other most amazing feature of this latest version is its generation of thumbnail previews for PDF files and subsequently, display it in a media library. However, in the past, users had to employ different PDF plugins for the previews of thumbnails.

So this new mechanism produces an image for the first page of PDF document while uploading. Then, an above-mentioned image is stored in different sizes and displayed in the media library. Finally, media upload pop up and attachment pages.

Video Headers

Wordpress 4.7- Video headersThe previous version of WordPress i.e. 4.6.1 allowed video to be used as the traditional header image. In the recent version of WordPress , traditional header image has been replaced by header media.

Your objective can be accomplished by uploading video in MP4 format or by facilitating the link to a YouTube video.


Editing Shortcuts in Customizer Previews

Wordpress 4.7- edit shortcutsThis is yet another feature in WordPress 4.7. An interesting feature of “Edit Shortcuts” has been incorporated in customer preview.

The abovementioned feature will be shown in small blue icons in the theme’s live preview.

This will lend a helping hand to the new users who cannot point and click for editing an item.

This is very useful and smart feature in WordPress 4.7.

Adding up Customized CSS in Live Preview

Wordpress 4.7- Custom cssSometimes there is an urgency to quickly add CSS to your WordPress site. Although in the past, a user had to add customized CSS to theme or theme’s style sheet.

WordPress 4.7 facilitates adding customized CSS using the option of Customizer and enables viewing the live preview of the changes made.


Web Administrator Language Control

Wordpress 4.7- Dashboard in your languageIn the era of Globalisation, Hundreds of native languages are written and spoken across the globe. Cross-Cultural communication and management have become a common phenomenon.

Keeping in view this important aspect, the latest WordPress possesses the capability to add new languages to the admin area of a site.


Editor Improvements and smoother menu building in WordPress 4.7

Wordpress 4.7- Smoother menu buildingUsers used to spend most of the time creating content on the post editor in WordPress. And every version of WordPress tried to improve the editing experience by making it much easier.

In the latest version, users can now see keyboard shortcuts in tooltips and drop-down menus. Consequently, the paragraph and heading selector menu would appear in the top bar.

The underline button is removed and the strikethrough and horizontal line buttons are then moved to the kitchen sink bar.



Under the Hood Changes

Amazing features for Web Developers have also been incorporated. Below mentioned are few of those under the hood improvements.

• Post Type Templates
WordPress has the option of customizing page templates that facilitates theme developers and users to produce different layouts for web pages. This functionality has been incorporated in all post types .

• Locale Switching
If the subject matter of website is shown in the different locale, then the abovementioned latest version would show the toolbar in the language chosen for the content page.

• More Capable and Back End Tweaks

The Recent feature includes thumbnail previews for PDFs. Consequently, PDFs will appear and look just like images and videos in the media library.

• Reachable Alt Text for Images
WordPress 4.7 will leave the alt text field blank if a user does not make any changes to the title or alt text fields while uploading an image.


Other Value-Adding features include

• Full-screen Header Video and images
• Mammoth featured images and
• Elegant mobile-first design



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Mariah Mckenzie
Mariah Mckenzie
00:09 20 Jun 17
An absolutely amazing experience! I wish I could give them ten plus stars. They were able to meet every single one of my wishes and expectations. I had a general idea of what I wanted my blog to look like and they were able to provide me honest advice and create a site that was beyond anything I could have wished for. Whenever I have a questions, whether its the weekend or late a night, I almost immediately hear back from them and have a resolution. This is the best customer service I have ever received. I promise you won't be disappointed if you use their services!!!
Tara Sowden
Tara Sowden
03:01 10 Aug 17
Divya is nothing short of AMAZING!!! I asked her to do the impossible and blend two completely opposite unrelated concepts into one that worked. What she came up with was way beyond anything I could have hoped for!!! She stayed in constant contact with me even calling to make sure she understood what I was going for, and was very patient with me and all my crazy ideas and revisions. She completely made the impossible possible for me! I am so glad I found her and can't wait to work with her again!!!
M Rhodes
M Rhodes
13:52 07 Aug 17
I have been thrilled with my experience working with Divya. She has been incredibly patient, responsive to my requests and attentive to my concerns. She went above and beyond for the very reasonable price charged to create a logo for my business. I am truly pleased with the results and look forward to opportunities to work with Divya and WebVizion in the future. It was a fun process and the logo is terrific! I will absolutely recommend to others.
20:44 02 May 17
Absolutely amazing company! I highly recommend Webvizion UK. Gupta communicated every step of the way to make sure final designs were more than perfect. Excellent communicator! I'm from Canada and she offered to call me any time of day to talk about my vision for my logo and banners. Super fast turn around (a day). Super speedy with design and communication. Best customer service I've ever received.
Claire Douglas
Claire Douglas
15:34 02 Aug 17
Fantastic service. I love my logo - it captures perfectly what I was looking for. Thank you so much for your help, time and patience!
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