The registered name of company is NineZed Limited registered in England & Wales. WebVizion UK is a trading style of NineZed Limited.

A Client is a person/persons, business or any organisation using any service provided by WEBVIZION UK.

Domain is the website address as specified by the client
Content would be both text/literature & images that the Client required WEBVIZION UK to include in the Client’s website
This page sets out the TERMS & CONDITIONS of use under which you must abide when becoming a Client of WEBVIZION UK. Once you commission, send payment for, or request a service or product from WEBVIZION UK, you will be a CLient & you accept these terms of use and agree to be bound by them.
This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between WEBVIZION UK and the Client. In making this agreement each party agrees that they have not relied on any inducement which is not recorded in this agreement.

Copyright and Content
* The Client must either own copyright or have reproduction rights of all the art work that is submitted by the client, trade names, pictures/images reproduced in Client’s website by WEBVIZION UK and the client should indemnify WEBVIZION UK against any costs howsoever in any connection with the ownership of copyrights or reproduction rights. The Client shall hold full liability for the consequences of the contents of the printed material, website or any other project commissioned.
*The Client’s logos, literature, graphics, photographs, images etc remain the copyright of the Client.
*WEBVIZION UK retains rights to refuse publication of any  content which it considers as being indecent , obscene or humiliating/ offensive towards others.
* The website design, graphics and any artwork designed by WEBVIZION UK should be considered as the intellectual property of WEBVIZION UK & hence, all the rights shall remain with WEBVIZION UK.
*The Client’s new website which is produced & designed with WEBVIZION UK should be considered finished after the Client’s reviews the website and checks for any errors or omissions following its publications for this purpose. The Client may request some minor changes or additions which will be accommodated by WEBVIZION UK for this purpose of completing & ensuring that the website is free from any sort of errors, No responsibility will be accepted for any errors as the Client is supposed to advise WEBVIZION UK for any errors in the completed work which WEBVIZION UK will correct/edit on the behalf of the client as soon as these errors are brought to the notice of WEBVIZION UK.
*The Client may have editing rights to any page of Client’s own website and its understood and agreed that the CLient has the sole responsibility for all of the content on the website which includes, the literature/ text, data, logos, images and all the other material provided by the Client and therefore the Client should ensure that all the copyrights of the images, text or data is owned as required by the law.
Hence, the Client agrees not to publish or upload any material, images, text or data which can cause offence to any person or organisation.

Website Design
*The website will be designed, produced and published on either a subdomain of WEBVIZION UK or the Client’s new domain. The design copyright shall remain the sole property of WEBVIZION UK. Use of design without any written permission from WEBVIZION UK will constitute breach of copyright.
*The Client understands that WEBVIZION UK may use the published website as a reference site only for the future potential clients of WEBVIZION UK and will not unreasonably without permission for the same.

FEES PAYABLE: A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total fee payable under the contract is due immediately after Client’s request to start the work. The remaining 50% will become due after the completion of the work to the satisfaction of the Client in accordance to the Standard Terms & Conditions to the specifications previously agreed with the Client. WEBVIZION UK will not charge more than the amount previously agreed upon unless the  Client has varied the specifications of the work since the agreement. WEBVIZION UK will not undertake any changes to the specifications of the work which would increase the cost without prior authorization from the   Client WEBVIZION UK holds the right to terminate the contract and invoice the client for any portions of the the work already completed. And where the work is complete according to the original specifications, WEBVIZION UK will deem the contract complete and shall invoice the client in full.
WEBVIZION UK holds the right not to begin the work until the above stated amount has been paid in full. also, the website will not be launched until the full payment has been made.
Assistance package fees: Assistance packages, if included in the contract shall be charged on a monthly basis as per Client’s agreement on the plan. The Client also agrees to enter an minimum period of ten consecutive months and in doing so he agrees to commit direct debit payment schedule for the same period. The commencement date for the payment scheduled shall be the date agreed between the Client and WEBVIZION UK.

WEBVIZION UK will not be liable for any information contained within the Client’s website or printed text if any, that is. The Client is liable for any reasonable legal costs incurred by WEBVIZION UK caused by the content of the Client’s website or other project and agrees to indemnify WEBVIZION UK for any awards made by a court of law.
* In case if a time scale or schedule that has been given, WEBVIZION UK will not be responsible for any money lost to the Client if the deadlines are not met.
*WEBVIZION UK holds rights t amend these terms & conditions at any time without any prior notice and the amendments shall be published on the website.
* All the information, services, products provided on this website are provided with no warranty of any kind either expressed or implied. Any use of this information is at the user’s risk. WEBVIZION UK holds no liability for the same.
* The publications & features mentioned on this website are subject to change without any prior notice.

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Google Reviews
Mariah Mckenzie
Mariah Mckenzie
00:09 20 Jun 17
An absolutely amazing experience! I wish I could give them ten plus stars. They were able to meet every single one of my wishes and expectations. I had a general idea of what I wanted my blog to look like and they were able to provide me honest advice and create a site that was beyond anything I could have wished for. Whenever I have a questions, whether its the weekend or late a night, I almost immediately hear back from them and have a resolution. This is the best customer service I have ever received. I promise you won't be disappointed if you use their services!!!
Tara Sowden
Tara Sowden
03:01 10 Aug 17
Divya is nothing short of AMAZING!!! I asked her to do the impossible and blend two completely opposite unrelated concepts into one that worked. What she came up with was way beyond anything I could have hoped for!!! She stayed in constant contact with me even calling to make sure she understood what I was going for, and was very patient with me and all my crazy ideas and revisions. She completely made the impossible possible for me! I am so glad I found her and can't wait to work with her again!!!
M Rhodes
M Rhodes
13:52 07 Aug 17
I have been thrilled with my experience working with Divya. She has been incredibly patient, responsive to my requests and attentive to my concerns. She went above and beyond for the very reasonable price charged to create a logo for my business. I am truly pleased with the results and look forward to opportunities to work with Divya and WebVizion in the future. It was a fun process and the logo is terrific! I will absolutely recommend to others.
20:44 02 May 17
Absolutely amazing company! I highly recommend Webvizion UK. Gupta communicated every step of the way to make sure final designs were more than perfect. Excellent communicator! I'm from Canada and she offered to call me any time of day to talk about my vision for my logo and banners. Super fast turn around (a day). Super speedy with design and communication. Best customer service I've ever received.
Claire Douglas
Claire Douglas
15:34 02 Aug 17
Fantastic service. I love my logo - it captures perfectly what I was looking for. Thank you so much for your help, time and patience!
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