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Social Media Marketing-Investment for Startups and small Entrepreneurs


Social Media Marketing – Kick-starting a small business venture is synonymous to a series of challenges. The world of marketing is crowded and marketers are jangling to have their voice heard.

For startups and small entrepreneurs, expenditure on traditional Marketing is often seen as hungry monster. They constitute a large proportion of hard-earned savings or borrowings but carries high risk and uncertainty. Then

what is the feasible solution to score high return on investment?

The million dollar answer is Social Media Marketing.

Before discussing Social Media Marketing it is important to understand the mechanics of Social Media and its impact. Social Media Technology has resulted in a shift in how people search, read and share news, information or content. Social Media has democratized information and transformed people from readers to writers and commentators.

Surprisingly customer wants the company to have their presence on social media because they possess social media habits and are addicted to Social media. Moreover, in the present era, Customer has touch -of -a screen and blink-of- eye immediacy in this fast life.  He does not have time to watch TV after spending an exhaustive day at work.

The emerging trend is unbelievable: Entrepreneur has 10 full time employees, 5 online stores and have a global presence in forty countries by using Social Media Marketing.

For a successful business, following are the prerequisites and Social media marketing is the solution to all these prerequisites.

The greatest advantage of Social Media Marketing:

The greatest advantage of Social Media Marketing is that you know what the audience is saying about you. The Social Media Market is open and contactable anytime. The Company is just a click away. It is a terrific channel to respond to a query, speedier feedback and redress customer grievances.

Social Media Marketing

Mostly  all the  Brand advisers  agree that the  presence of the  company on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedln etc. has changed communication pattern from monologues (one  too many) to dialogues (many to many) and increases the engagement with customers wherever they are , both online and offline. Further, it is a trust building process as customers can contact the company directly in a very short space of time and with immediate momentum. It connects companies directly with customers enabling transparency and customer focus. It has resulted in making social media more powerful and influential than traditional media like TV, Radio and Print Media etc.

Marketing at low cost and with the highest coverage is one of the prime requisites . However, this is not possible with traditional media.  Social media marketing is the solution to the above-mentioned solution. Social Media Marketing results in saving financial resources by eliminating the middleman (celebrity endorsement )and costly advertisement campaign via TV, Radio, Print etc.

In social media marketing, social media statistics helps a company in measuring the effectiveness of their marketing campaign. The Success of the any initiative in carrying any campaign can be calculated by the number of views a post gets.

Now we move on to different platforms of Social Media Marketing. Facebook continues to be most prominent and influential network with 1.5 billion monthly active users worldwide. 60% population of the UK has a facebook account. However, teenage prefers WhatsApp, WeChat, Messenger and other related networks.

Twitter, Pinterest are also value additive, but less preferred when compared to facebook.

However, there are some sensitive issues in social media marketing to prevent risk. Make sure you keep yourself within the framework of law and follow the social media policy in which all your social media correspondence is on message, no matter which employee of the team is posting the content.

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