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SEO world of Google Galaxy-Google Panda as Protector of Google Search Engine


Google Panda – Google always aims to provide evergreen and quality-content on its Search Engine Results page (SERP).

Similarly, Every SEO expert wants his website to be listed on the top of the Search results.  But for the sake of better Digital Marketing, some of them manipulate the search engine. This is categorized as wrong and fraudulent tactics.

However, Google always focuses on providing high quality, relevant and trustworthy websites along with valuable content and fruitful user experience. To achieve this goal and minimize manipulation, it has employed Panda   as a guard and protector in the year 2011.

Further Google Imposes penalty on defaulters and devalue their websites. Just as thieves are scared of police and not a common man, similarly if you are honest in dealing with your websites you don’t have to worry for pandas. Google panda is not enemy of experts providing Social Media Marketing. What it expects from SEO Experts is evergreen content.

Google Panda

Technically speaking, panda is algorithms in SEO world. This algorithm plays a crucial role in Search Engine Optimisation, which has a significant impact on the performance of SEO experts. For Google search engine, its Algorithm determines what course of action should Google take to find pages relevant to keywords put in the search engine and in what sequence the different pages would be displayed. Page ranking is one of the crucial components of Google’s search algorithm.

Google Search Algorithms ( Panda )

The algorithm ‘Panda’ derived its name from the name of engineer Navneet Panda, employee of Google who invented this algorithm.

Google panda, also known by name farmer update, was launched on February 24, 2011. The basic function of Google’s panda is to act as a search filter in Search Engine Results page (SERP)-to identify websites with low quality content and display them at lower rank in google search results. It acts as a watchdog to the quality of content on websites-rewards the websites having good quality content and imposes penalties on the websites who duplicate the content. This is done to maintain the brand of google as a Universal source of knowledge.

Google Panda Update Guidelines

Imagine If low quality/copied content is shown on the top of search result then it would damage the reputation of google and make the user hopeless about the credibility of google. Google is viewed by users as a destination of endless information and useful learning. Its learning potential is beyond any other learning system on our planet. Low Quality content on search engine is more deteriorating than failure to provide the result.

Over the last five years panda has done a credulous job by sweeping out the low-quality content. Consequently, garbage has been replaced by quality content.  However, in the year 2015, it further advanced in terms of continuous quality control (24 hours and 7 days) by cleaning up and cleaning out poor-quality content. It is a signal and lesson to high quality websites about ‘Survival of the fittest.’

Just like car servicing is required monthly or Quarterly, similar case is with Website Maintenance. SEO experts should maintain the quality content on a permanent basis—posting quality content first time and poor-quality content second time would lower the ranking of the websites. To sum up, evergreen quality content is required.   Garbage should be cleaned out and quality should continuously flow on Google search engine.


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