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Let’s Dive in Google Maps-One of the most joyful and super useful tools of Google

History of Google Maps

World in Google Maps -Just find your way around the planet Earth. It has been nearly 11 years: Google Maps Services was launched in February 2005. Since then, Google has been working very hard to add depth to Google Maps and has succeeded also but in this busy and mechanized life, we don’t have a time to know about its super useful features. Believe me! Google Places is a lot of fun and live science making work easier.

People move from one place to other mainly for two reasons-Official Purpose or making vacations joyful. Google map on iPhone has proved pretty helpful to these people revolving across the globe, continent, country, and state.

In the first instance, we will recall the basic functions of Google Maps. Google Maps is a web mapping service. It is used for hitting any address-It lends helping hand in finding the right place. It makes possible the following tasks

• Route Planning by walk or car
• Planning Awesome Vacation
• How busy is a store or place?
Satellite imagery,
• Street maps
Google traffic providing Real-time Traffic conditions
• Navigate anywhere etc

google maps

Substituted Yellow Pages

One of the biggest leaps in Google Maps is that it has substituted yellow pages and boosted business of small entrepreneurs. For Instance, if a person is in Harrow area in London and he feels thirsty, then by using Google Maps he can get the visual map of the nearest restaurant say 100 meters or 200 meters away. In this way, with Zero Marketing Budget, the business of small entrepreneurs has been boosted.

Real time Information

One of the recent features of Google maps is providing real-time information i.e. how much occupied or busy a place is that we are searching? For instance, In Google maps, you can type ‘Monaco Pub’ now. After one hour, access the same page and as soon as the location appears on the map with the allotted time swipe up. Thereafter, below the displayed pictures on the screen, you would find a red ‘live’ button with the text either busy or not busy. So you can get the information whether it is useful to go to that place or not.

Further, the system can tell you the average number of hour’s client would normally linger there: In this case, it would be between 45 minutes to three hours. Consequently, given the complete information, you can take an effective decision and save your resources of time and money.

Till now within a period of 11 years, 1 billion people have downloaded the Google maps app—to search the places by using keywords like “hotel nearby to me” or “London restaurant Hounslow” SEO Read More

Up gradation of Google Maps: Specialized Voice commands

This feature named the introduction of specialized voice commands facilitates drivers to keep their hands on the wheel when looking for a destination.
The above mentioned app will also show local speed limits as part of its GPS journey guide.

3D Version

In the year 2012 Google also introduced 3 D version for the major cities of Developed Economies like Tokyo, New York, and Tokyo.

This feature enabled the person residing in the above mentioned cities to zoom into their street and get a 3D model view of their street/house synonymous to the experience of viewing the street from a helicopter.

Some Value Additive Apps for people planning Tours


It is a walking-tour app that will let you lose yourself in the histories and mysteries of the great cities. This app tracks user’s location to cue the audio so that hands of the user are free and he is comfortable and can go at his own pace.


Whether you are planning your travel by car, train or plane, just enter your next destination and Rome2rio would direct the best way to go there.


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