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Effective Online Marketing via Marketing Technologies

The Symbiotic effect of the two to deliver true Value

Just like a pinch of salt is needed to make food spicy similarly Marketing Technologies are needed to make online marketing (SEO, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing) more effective. Online Marketing and Marketing technologies are complementary-both of them are different and valuable but together form a more Valuable combination. In the present era of marketing, though businessmen invest in the most advanced technologies, but then also their customers have endless options-making it difficult for them to survive. Following are the various Marketing Technologies-

1. Market Automation

Market Automation is concerned with the technological mechanism that helps marketer execute repetitive tasks such as Social Media Marketing, E-mails and other website actions that can be performed again and again.

• Market Automation Tools

a. Marketo—This marketing automation blends content, email, social media, etc. and aids marketing team prioritize prospects based on behavioral and demographic parameters. Further, it quantifies the performance of Marketing Campaigns.

b. Pardot–This is a management tool and it aids marketers to move prospects through the sales channel by creating automated targeted messaging
Other tools are Pardot, Genius, Eloqua, Act-on, Silver Pop etc.

2. Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine optimization is a type of internet marketing that is concerned with publicity of websites by making possible more visibility of a website in search engine results.
It is concerned with getting high-level rank in searching results done by the prospective customer. It included both paid search advertising and Search Engine optimization which is concerned with quality content and using keywords.

• Search Engine Optimisation Tools

a. Raven Tools—By employing Metrics, it presents report on all the marketing campaigns that are related to PPC, SEO and social Media

b. SEM Rush—This tool makes it possible to track keywords across both paid and simple search campaigns.

Other tools are Bright Edge, Market Muse, Moz, gShift etc.

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3. Web Analytics

Web Analytics is mainly concerned with freemium web analytics of google that traces and keeps an account of website traffic. Freemium is a pricing policy wherein product or service is provided to consumers free of cost. However, the price is charged in certain specific conditions. Google launched this service in the year 2005. It thus helps businesses in Analysis of a market and Marketing of goods and services.

• Web Analytics Tools

a. Google Analytics—This is google’s product which helps business in customizing reports, providing metrics relating to measuring the impact of social media marketing on Website traffic and estimate conversion rates.

b. Kissmetrics—It is an intelligence-oriented tool providing real-time person-centric data.

Other tools are Mixpanel, Woopra, Docalytics, Simplereach etc.

4. Conversion optimization

It is a mechanism for increasing the percentage of visitors to a website of a company so that visitors convert into customers.
It engages visitors in filling out a form and at least has their e-mail id so that marketing can be undertaken. In some cases, the conversion rate is more than 30% that means one out of three visitors becomes a customer.

• Conversion optimization Tools

a. Sumo Me—It adds up various opt-in and pop up forms to your website to help create leads and increase subscriber base.

b. Convert—This tool by using A/B testing helps the users in knowing the nature of content preferences of their website’s visitor.

Other tools are Pippity, Bright Info, Optimizely etc.

5. E-mail Marketing

Email Marketing is one to one correspondence of customers and Marketer via e-mail. It is concerned with sending a customized commercial message directly to a group of prospective customers by using e-mail. Content is prospective customer centric and a customer is directly engaged -there are better chances of conversion and so it is a powerful medium.

• E-mail Marketing Tools

a. Campaign Monitor–It tailors email template, undertakes A/B testing, and integrates with a blog of business and much more.

b. Constant Contact–It makes a blueprint of professional e-mails, manage email list, social campaigns and online surveys.

Other tools are iContact, Vertical Response, Sales Panda etc.


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